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Use a Bedroom for Personal Home Recording? Why not?

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Use a Bedroom for Personal Home Recording? Why not?

Hi good people, how are you today? I hope you are fine. On this occasion, I would like to share an article about using a bedroom for personal home recording.

Many reasons why we can use the bedroom as a personal home recording. One of them is because we need personal space that makes us comfortable to write songs.

For people who are melancholy and like to be alone, we feel that making your bedroom a personal home recording is a good idea.

The reason I use the bedroom as a personal home recording is because I am not a rich person, I don't have any more empty places at home. Even if there was, I'm not sure my parents allowed me to use the empty space as my personal home recording.

Instead of giving up on reality, it's better to use what's available, right? By the way, I'm sorry if my writing vocabulary is not so good hehe. To be honest I am not fluent in English. But I hope you understand the meaning of my writing.

Okay then what needs to be prepared for the purposes of a home record? I will briefly discuss. First we need a little space in the bedroom. You need a table and chairs.

Next you need to use at least a computer or laptop along with supporting software such as Nuendo DAW, Cubase, Pro Tool, and so on.

Next you need a special sound card for recording, at least for the purposes of recording at home.

Do not forget to also prepare special speakers for recording. These speakers are usually called flat speakers or monitoring speakers. If it's too expensive, for starters we can use flat headphones or headphone monitoring.

After that, just adjust the instrument. Most importantly there must be a guitar that can be connected to the sound card and condenser microphone.

Hobbies do need money. But I think the money we spend will be proportional to what we will enjoy later.

Now in this article, I only discuss a little about the tools needed to make or build a recording place at home.

For the next article, I might make a tutorial on how to take up mixing in a good DAW software.

I end this article, friend. Hopefully useful and see you again soon.

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