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Review the Behringer Xenyx Q802 USB Mixer Audio Interface

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Review the Behringer Xenyx Q802 USB Mixer Audio Interface
Image from Icalan01

Hi all friends. Back again with my article. This time I will review the Behringer Xenyx Q802 USB audio interface mixer

Actually in the current era, the price of sound cards has been much cheaper. Many sound cards originating from China are worth hundreds of thousands. But specifically this time, I will discuss one of the sound cards that I happened to use at the Vana Home Record.

Behringer soundcard itself is a Chinese-made soundcard that is claimed to have German technology. Because it is made in the bamboo curtain country, it is not surprising that the price of the Behringer sound card is cheap, including the USB Xenyx Q802 type.

This type of sound card is an audio mixer that is included with the audio interface or sound card. The code is the USB behind the Q802. The USB code indicates the mixer is equipped with a sound card feature.

If there is no USB code, then it's certain that it's just an ordinary audio mixer without a sound card.

The price of this audio mixer soundcard is in the range of 100 USD. However, the price depends on where you buy and who sells.

Although there may be some disadvantages in this type of sound card such as frequent dc leakage and no on / off feature. But overall, this sound card is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for a sound card with a price of 100 USD.

Okay, thank you for visiting my article. See you soon.

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