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How to Make Your Own Double Pedal Drum

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How to Make Your Own Double Drum Pedal

Hi friends, back to my article. This time I will share an article about How to Make Your Own Double Pedal Drum.

The double pedal on the drumset is an additional tool that is usually used by drummers with loud and fast genres. The sound of the double pedal many say like the sound of a machine gun caused by the sound of a knock or bass drum when using a double pedal will be very fast.

Not many drummers use dual pedals. This is because not all drummers like or play a loud genre. In addition, the price of the double pedal itself is not cheap. For the price of used goods that I have met is worth USD 40, even then the conditions may not be suitable for use and many must be replaced.

Well for those of us who want to learn double pedal drum, but are constrained by the cost or the price of an expensive double pedal drum. So it doesn't hurt to at least make your own dual pedal drum at home for training purposes.

Making a double pedal drum can be said to be easy but difficult. The problem is we have to really know the mechanism of the dual pedal drum and there must be material and supporting equipment to make the double pedal drum.

I myself have forgotten and do not have a homemade double drum pedal like the picture above. This is because the double pedal drum that I made for a long time, was bought by my friend hahaha.

Alright, let's just discuss it. At least in making a double pedal drum, you need to prepare:

1. Some iron or wooden poles for making support poles
2. Per or use rubber tires on a motorcycle as a spring
3. Wooden boards or iron boards to make pedestals and pedals
4. Chain as connecting axles and double pedals
5. Elastic plastic for binding the pedals and pedestal
6. Round plastic for brace
7. Iron pipe
8. Bicycle axles for mica sticks
9. Nuts and bolts
10. And other things

Honestly, I completely forgot all the components or details that needed to be prepared or needed. But I hope you will observe and see the picture that I have presented, so that you will know and believe that you can make your own dual pedal drum.

Then maybe someone asks if the homemade double pedal drum can be used? The answer, of course, can be used. For practice, I think that's enough.

Just look at the video in this link, the video that I made around 2013.

In a runyam video, I make a game on a drum which is usually called a remo drum or drum for small using a homemade double pedal drum.

Maybe the video and my explanation above is not very clear. But believe me, as long as you are sure, there must be a way.

Okay, see you in my article. May be useful.

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